a garage that has been converted into a functional roomWhen you buy your new house, everything seems great. Unfortunately over time as your family grows, your house doesn’t. Thankfully there are other options for renovating your current home, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a new house.

Basement and garage conversions are becoming a more and more popular way to get the extra storage and space you need without having to building an entire new room. The Yankee Craftsman is a Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut contractor that specializes in garage and basement conversions. We provide our customers with newly renovated rooms that you can’t even tell that they weren’t part of the original floor plan.

Right now your basement is probably unfinished, or halfway finished. When that’s the case, the only thing it is good for is extra storage for thing you don’t even need anymore. The professionals at The Yankee Craftsman can help transform your basement into a room that is more functional for your entire family.

Our craftsman can turn your basement into a game room for your kids, an office space for working at home or an extra guest bedroom for visiting family. These are just a few of the multiple uses for your basement. The professional designers at The Yankee Craftsman can help you find the perfect solution to your unfinished basement.

If you don’t have a basement, or like your basement the way it is, another great way to add extra space to your house is through a garage conversion. Your garage is already pretty functional. It stores your tools and cars, but when your family is need of more room renovating your garage could be a better use of the space.

The professionals at The Yankee Craftsman can help turn your garage into a fully functional family room, bedroom, guest room or any other room that you can imagine. Our professional designers can help you find the perfect use for the space, and help you find another location for your car such as a carport.

All of our multitalented craftsmen at The Yankee Craftsman are professionally trained and can handle any type of garage and basement conversions. When we renovate your basement or garage, you can trust that the job will be completed on time and within the decided upon budget. We strive to provide our customers with complete satisfaction, and you can trust our services to be long lasting and durable for the years to come.

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